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Save more with energy efficient window coverings

Tuesday, January 29, 2019 9:56 AM Did you know that you could lower your energy bill depending on what you have covering your windows? There are a number of window options out there that are more energy efficient than others. While shades, blinds, drapes all help with insulating your home and keeping the cold or heat out, there are certain types that help with energy efficiency more than others. When shopping for energy efficient window coverings, make sure you look out for labels that include words such as energy efficient, blackout, day/night, solar, and cellular. All of these types of window coverings help with a number of aspects when it comes to saving energy in your home. Want to know how they are energy efficient? Read below for the 3 main ways they can help save you money on your next energy bill.

window covering insulating during winter

1. Insulation during colder months

When the season’s change and the weather starts to get cold, homeowners want to make sure they can conserve as much heat in their home as possible. Thus, keeping their bill as low as possible. While it may seem as though your heat does not escape very much, it is constantly escaping through your windows. Just as heat comes through your windows during summer, heat escapes to the outdoors through your windows as well. Through having better energy efficient window covers, they will block that heat and not let is escape your home. Through this, you can reduce energy consumption, save money on your heating bills, and overall make your home a more comfortable living area during the winter season.

window covering keeping out heat

2. Keeping out heat

During the warmer months, you go through a similar cycle, but rather than keep heat from leaving your home, you want to keep the heat out of your home at all costs. With the sun beating down on your home, heat easily enters through your windows, causing warmth to enter making your home uncomfortable. Making sure your living area is cool during the warmest time of the year is something that is very important to homeowners, and should be. Creating more heat in your home only leads to higher cooling bills. Through having energy efficient window coverings, your air will remain in your home without the warmth of the sun hindering it and without driving up your air conditions bills.

uv light protection provided by window coverings

3. Ultraviolet protection
Not only do energy efficient window coverings help insulate during the winter and keep heat out during the summer, but they also keep the suns harmful rays out. Many people do not realize how damaging the suns UV rays can be to your home furnishings. These rays that are constantly beating down on your furniture can cause permanent discoloration and cause them to age quicker than they normally would. With many energy efficient window coverings, they block out a very large percentage of the outside light. Thus, blocking out the sun rays along with it to protect your home’s interior.

As you can see, there are multiple benefits when it comes to energy efficient window coverings for your home. Not only will you be protecting the furniture in your home, but you will be lowering your bills and making your home as comfortable as possible. For help picking out window coverings or for additional information, visit professionals who have the knowledge and skill set it takes when it comes to window treatment.