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Contemporary and traditional area rug styles

Needing an area rug to fill out your living room? Do you have some left over carpet you would like to have bound and made into an area rug? Stop by Vonderheide Floor Covering and let us help create exactly the piece you are looking for. We can create an area rug out of any carpet that is carried in the store. With thousands of style and colors with patterns. cut and loops, and thick shag, you will be able to customize to exactly what you want. Already have carpet left over from a job. or just finally want to put to use? Bring that into the store and we can cut and bind that for you as well!

We are absolutely sure you will find what you are looking for. So what are you waiting for? We are just a short drive from anywhere in Central Illinois. We also have a huge selection of hardwood flooring, ceramic tile, and even a carpet outlet. Stop by today!

Why choose Vonderheide Floor Covering

  • Flooring is what we know and do better than anyone else
  • We are your neighbor and are locally owned and operated by people who are invested in the community
  • We have partnerships with all the major carpet suppliers in the U.S
  • We pay less and give the savings to our customers
  • Make sure to visit our carpet outlet for extra savings!
High fashion area rugs in Morton, IL from Vonderheide Floor Covering

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