Solid hardwood flooring gives you much to work with, including visual appeal, performance, and lifespan. Even installation layouts have a lot to offer, with more than one choice for your flooring needs.

The installation layout can affect visual appeal and performance, which is crucial to any remodel. Here are some facts that could help you make the best layout decision.

Installation layouts and their benefits

No matter how hardwood is installed, many benefits remain. They are stunning, offer exceptional durability, and offer lifespans of more than 100 years.

But specific wood flooring layouts might work better in your home than others. Find out which will serve you best if you have particular needs.

Consider these layout options and their benefits as you search this product line. Then, we'll ensure you pick the perfect match for your home and needs.

· Herringbone – Rectangular planks of the same size, laid at 90-degree angles to one another.

· Chevron – A zigzag pattern with boards connecting at 45-degree angles.

· Diagonal – All boards lay in the same direction but at an angle to the walls.

· Basketweave – Boards are laid to look like wood flooring pieces run underneath one another.

· Brick – The name describes the layout. Think brick house.

· Checkerboard – Perfect for eclectic schemes, this 70s-style installation looks like a checkerboard.

· Mosaic – Mosaics are unique and can take any look you want or need.

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