When putting the final interior touches on your home, there are many things to consider in order to complete the
look you are going for. Pillows, wall art, and table decor are just a few things that can really add that pop that is needed to finalize the room. Have you thought about the use of an area rug though? Area rugs are of huge importance when it comes to being able to tie the room together. Whether you are going for a contemporary or traditional style, there are thousands of area rugs out there that you can choose from. While there are many different area rugs, it is important to choose the correct style, size, and shape for the specific room you are looking to finalize.

Measuring area rugs

When it comes to area rugs in your home, you want to make sure you are measuring them correctly so they look fitting in the room. A rug that is too small or too large for the specific area can truly hinder the rooms aesthetic. Follow the traditional rule of thumb when it comes to measuring area rugs. This entails measuring the seating area and selecting a rug that is the closest size up. Selecting one size up will allow the furniture legs to rest on the rug for a unified look. If you want the entire room to be filled with the rug, first measure the entire room. Then, select an area rug that allows two feet of floor space around the rug.

If you are looking for a unique or modern look, you can try layering rugs as well. Many individuals place smaller rugs on top of larger rugs, or mix rug shapes to create a compelling room visually. 

Area rugs for every room

Entryway – When entering a home, the area rug is one of the first things you see. To get that first great impression, choose a rug that goes with the aesthetic of the home. Ensure that when measuring, you purchase a rug that is wider than the front door to give off a warm and welcoming vibe.

Hallways – When it comes to hallway rugs, you will want to purchase a runner. The long look of runners always looks best throughout hallways and passageways. Make sure you leave about half a foot of floor space around the perimeter of the rug so that it fits just right.

Dining Area – An area rug for your dining area should be measured according to your dining table measurements. To ensure that all of your guests’ chairs rest comfortably on the rug, add a minimum of two extra feet onto each side of the rugs measurements.

Bedroom – Adding an area rug to your bedroom can do so much for the aesthetic of the room. When searching for an area rug for the bedroom, you will want to first measure the size of your bed. From there, extend two feet on each side of the rug for measurements. If you are like many and have hardwood floors in your bedroom, an area rug will add a warm and comfortable place for your feet in the morning.

Kitchen – Adding rugs in your kitchen can relieve stress on your feet when spending many hours in front of the stove or sink. When measuring area rugs for your kitchen, make sure that they are about six inches away from the cabinets. You will also want to make sure that you purchase either slip-resistant rugs or that you place a rug pad underneath to avoid slipping and falling.

Endless area rug options at Vonderheide’s

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